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Presentation of the training programme leading to the professional certification:
Compliance Officer in banking

A certification developed by Ecole supérieure de la banque, France, and organized in North Macedonia in partnership with ABIT

The rise of compliance risks requires staff from the Compliance department to have a global vision that takes into account regulatory aspects, risk identification and control, reporting and compliance culture in organizations.
The training programme aims at upgrading staff involved in compliance functions with European and international legislation and practices.
 The curriculum aims at mastering skills in four fundamental areas:
 legal (mastering of the legislative and regulatory provisions governing the performance of the function),
 technical (prevention, risk assessment and control),
 managerial (staff training, dissemination of the compliance culture, crisis management),
 + a focus on Anti-Money Laundering and the Financing of Terrorism.

The « + » of the training
 10 days on compliance, including 3.5 days on Anti-Money Laundering and the Financing of Terrorism
 Trainers experts in compliance
 Training providing the regulatory and organisational elements for the exercise of the profession
 >An international programme with local contextualization during the training
 A certificate co-signed by ESBanque and ABIT, which gives it a European dimension


17:30 - 17:45  - Introduction:

- René Desbiolles, Director of Diplomas and certifications, Director of International Department - L’Ecole supérieure de la banque
- Corinne Ianboukhtine, Area Manager Europe – Asia & Coordinator international projects - L’Ecole supérieure de la banque

17:45 - 18:30 - Rationale and contents of the training:

Jean-Jacques Bernard, International Consultant and Trainer – Specialized in Compliance, AML-CFT, Business ethics, Business Law; Anti-corruption Expert

• President - SAS JJB CONSEIL
Freelance Consultant and Trainer – Specialized in Compliance, AML-CFT, Business ethics, Business Law
• Anti-corruption Expert (European Commission via Ecorys)
European commission Directorate General for migration and home affairs (DG Home / Ecorys) : Anti-corruption expert for the LRCC network (Local Research Correspondant on Corruption).
• Executive Director – StopCorrupt (Luxembourg): Executive Director of the Luxembourg based NGO.
• Previously:
- Executive Director - Transparency International Luxembourg
- Senior Legal Counsel - Elcoteq SE (Luxembourg)
- Manager - Head of Legal - RSM Henri Grisius & Associés

Why an International Compliance training cycle?
In parallel with the globalization of the economy and seen as a response by national and international authorities to financial crises and scandals, Compliance is asserting itself as one of the pillars of banking activity around the world.
Due to the international desire for unification, both at the level of international institutions such as the Basel Committee or the FATF, as well as regional institutions such as the European Union or African regional institutions to mention only these examples, an international cycle based on the fundamental principles is relevant because these same principles and recommendations are found in the majority of national legislation.
Our training starts from these international principles and puts them in perspective in relation to European rules (Directives mainly and EBA Guidelines mostly). During the sessions, the link to National regulation is made in order to stick as much as possible to the local practice and its future development.
Therefore, on the basis of knowledge documentation that is handled to trainees beforehand, we deploy a cycle of 2 modules of 5 days each which put into practice the concepts and give them meaning.

The conference will be held in English.

INFO: info@abit.edu.mk ; 070 / 355 - 656


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