Dear Controlling authorities,

First, let me say what an honor it is to be hosting this year’s General Meeting of the International Group of Controlling. For both me and my country this means a big support in developing the controlling function here. There were efforts to develop this profession in Macedonia in the past, but unfortunately they were unsuccessful. Because of this, I am always urging Macedonian authorities to seek help from our EU partners.

Take Germany as an example, it is a country based on the “IGC Controlling philosophy”, and it has managed to rise from the bottom an astonishing three times in the course of a century, to now become one of the strongest economies in the EU. For that, I am certain that post-Brexit EU will become stronger under German leadership. After all, Germany invented the ‘controlling philosophy’ and I am certain it will help us implement this philosophy in our country as well.  

EU countries have a system for planning and budgeting that is decentralized to companies and where politicians only have ceremonial roles. It is the complete opposite here. However, I am confident that with time and with the new European government that is about to come as well as your support, we will change things for the better. 

Macedonia is a small country, with the EU as its biggest export partner. For that you are here, today, in my country, to support me and this mission to implement the Controlling standards in all the segments of our system.

It is no secret that the banking sector has been the only bright light in our country in the last years. Macedonian banks are among the best in the region when it comes to realized profits and stable loans. That deserves respect.  

Our banking industry is ahead of Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro. Our banking system has the best rate of capital adequacy in the region, more than 16%. I knew that. I knew what I was doing when I applied for membership with you in 2015. 

However, my mission is to have controlling in the public sector.

Indeed, I strongly believe that we will soon have an entrepreneuring public sector built on the IGC controlling philosophy. Here I ask for your assistance and in return I will try to open the doors for consultants who will build our new system.

Jack Welch gave a definition for a good manager. He said that a good manager must have the 4E - ENERGY, ENERGIZERS, EDGE and EXECUTE. I promise to bring all 4E in this country to help develop Controlling.

It will be hard to give a new view into the role of Controlling to the current Macedonian financial directors and managers. They have many doubts, and one very important question:

WHAT IS CONTROLLING? It should be crystal clear – we will define Controlling through the role of the controller, who is there as an ADVISOR to the companies, not an EXECUTOR. The controller manages the controlling and inspires managers to make their own Controlling. My motto is: CONTROLLING IS MARKETING OF ACCOUNTING!

Thank you for your attention!

Prof.D-r Sinisha Naumoski


Ул. „Орце Николов“ бр. 75 1000, Скопје (зграда на Македонска берза АД Скопје - први кат)


+389 2 312 5500

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